How much each of the 26 traffic tickets costs Michigan drivers in insurance penalties

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Michigan has the highest auto insurance premiums in the country. While Michigan passed bipartisan auto insurance reform earlier this year, traffic violations and crimes will still cost you a boatload of money. The Zebra, an auto insurance comparison site, broke down how much each of the 26 different traffic tickets would cost Michiganders. Here’s some common tickets and how much they’ll raise car insurance rates annually in Michigan. Generally, the penalty stays on your car insurance record for three years:

  • Failure to wear a seat belt: $42/year 
  • Driving too slowly: $820/year 
  • Driving with an open container: $2,155year
  • DUI: $4,757/year 
  • Hit and run: $4,917/year (That’s a 183% increase in car insurance rates for Michiganders) 

 Below is a look at typical auto insurance rates in Michigan after a few common citations.

Hit and Run$7,610183%$4,917
Refused Breathalyzer/Chemical Test$7,450177%$4,757
Reckless Driving$7,610183%$4,917
Driving with a Suspended License$3,65736%$964
At-Fault Accident$3,91345%$1,220
Driving with an Open Container$4,84880%$2,155
Operating a Vehicle Without Permission$3,59433%$901
Passing a School Bus$3,64035%$947
Improper Passing$3,57633%$884
Following Too Closely$3,54632%$853
Failure to Stop at a Red Light$3,57633%$884
Illegal Turn$3,54632%$853
Driving Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$3,54632%$853
Failure to Yield$3,57633%$883
Speeding in a School Zone$3,53331%$841
Driving Too Slowly$3,51330%$820
Distracted Driving$3,45528%$762
Driving with Expired Registration$3,03013%$337
Failure to Show Documents$3,03013%$337
Not-at-Fault Accident$2,6930%$0
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint$2,7352%$42
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt$2,7352%$42
Driving Without Lights$2,7442%$51

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