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Attorney Client Agreement

The undersigned hereinafter referred to as “Client” does hereby employ and engage Ramy Hijazi for and on behalf of Hijazi Legal Consulting, PLLC d/b/a Traffic Court Buddy hereinafter referred to as “Attorneys” to represent Client as legal counsel for all purposes in connection with:

  Client Name -
  Traffic Ticket Defense -
  Minimum Fee: $ 299 + Court Imposed Fee to be Paid by Client to Court

With the following conditions:

  1. Attorneys agree to set aside time to engage and represent Client and will devote their full professional ability to the legal representation. Furthermore, Client agrees to fully cooperate with Attorneys.
  2. Client has agreed to the MINIMUM FEE stated above to Ramy Hijazi and Hijazi Legal Consulting, PLLC d/b/a Traffic Court Buddy for the above-mentioned services. Payment shall be made in full. The fee will be deemed earned upon execution of this agreement.
  3. This MINIMUM FEE will cover all pre-hearing services, file preparation and representation at a formal hearing for a civil infraction. This fee will not include conducting a formal hearing and any other costs associated with representation on this matter. Furthermore, this fee will not cover representation for any misdemeanor or felony offense.
  4. Client agrees and understands that this MINIMUM FEE is completely NON-REFUNDABLE and that NO PORTION of this MINIMUM FEE shall be returned to client under any circumstances.
  5. Client agrees that Attorneys’ agreement to render services will terminate at such time as (a) the proceedings described above are concluded (with or without prejudice); or (b) at the time a finding of responsibility or dismissal is entered; or (c) in the event of any final disposition.
  6. Client understands that, if Client becomes unable to continue to meet the financial requirements of this Agreement or any other obligations of Client to Attorneys, Attorneys reserve the right to withdraw from representing Client in this case.
  7. Client agrees and authorizes attorneys to plead responsible to any moving violation/civil infraction, including any violation for which a citation was given, should Attorneys appear in court.
  8. Client’s initial payment shall cover one (1) court appearance, and charges will be rendered for each additional court appearance in the event the hearing is adjourned or as determined by the court. Each court appearance shall be billed at $150.00. Client expressly authorizes Attorneys to charge Client’s credit card on file for each additional appearance.
  9. Only upon Attorney’s review of Client’s case and subsequent submission of appearance in the appropriate court of jurisdiction, will Attorney be obligated to represent Client in any way on a particular civil infraction. Client, however, expressly understands that by executing this agreement, he/she has engaged the attorney services and all fees will have been deemed earned in accordance with paragraph 2 of this agreement.
  10. Client understands that they may be assessed fines the day of the appearance by Attorney and that those fines may be required to be paid that particular day.
  11. Client authorizes Attorney to send text message notifications to the cell phone number provided by Client for the purpose of notifying Client of status of their case. Client may also obtain information regarding the status of their case by calling the office of Attorney, the court where the matter is held, or by emailing Attorney at
  12. Client expressly declares that all information it has presented to Attorney is truthful and accurate and expressly disclaims any liability by Attorneys should Attorneys rely on any inaccurate or untruthful information during representation of client.
  13. This parties agree that this agreement only applies to civil infraction matters. If, after review, Attorneys discover that a ticket submitted is a misdemeanor infraction, Attorneys shall promptly notify Client that a separate engagement agreement will need to be executed for Attorneys’ services.
  14. I have read this contract, have received a copy of it, and agree to its terms and conditions. There are no other agreements, oral or otherwise, between Client and Attorneys.

/s/      , Client