Civil Infractions from $249
Accident Offenses from $499
Misdemeanor Offenses from $999
Vehicle Forfeiture Recovery from $1,499

We Fight Tickets – Traffic Tickets: Civil Infractions Accidents Misdemeanors

We Fight Tickets – Traffic Tickets: Civil Infractions Accidents Misdemeanors

Traffic Tickets Civil Infractions Accidents Misdemeanors. Traffic Tickets CDL infractions. Founding partner and Attorney Ramy Hijazi, Esq a Michigan traffic ticket lawyer spent three years as a Traffic Court Clerk hearing thousands of cases involving traffic violations such as speeding and disobeying a traffic control device. His training and knowledge as a Traffic Court Clerk in one of Michigan’s busiest District Court puts Traffic Court Buddy in a unique position to offer our clients insight into their cases. Traffic Court Buddy is a law firm dedicated to providing traffic defense representation in and around the Metro Detroit Area. We specialize in representing clients charged with many motor-vehicle offenses and non-moving offenses, such no-proof of insurance and much more. If you have received a ticket, contact Traffic Court Buddy before you pay and speak to one of our attorneys free of charge. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you prefer, simply upload your ticket and we will get to work immediately on your behalf. Did you know a speeding ticket or other moving violation can cost the average driver as much 22% more in insurance premiums? At Traffic Court Buddy, we specialize in eliminating your ticket problems and combating your worst fears of paying higher insurance premiums! By not having an attorney represent you from the beginning when you receive a ticket, it is possible to accumulate points, license suspensions, and criminal records that are difficult to recover from. Some individuals even decide to just ‘pay the fine,’ and accept the increases insurance costs for the next 3 years. They then become pegged as problem drivers; forced to spend years trying to recover from the burden that society places on them while attempting to buy auto insurance, get jobs, or keep their drivers license valid. Save yourself the time and hassle of going to court and most important, keep your record clean by hiring a Michigan traffic ticket lawyer from Traffic Court Buddy.

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