Detroit is the most dangerous city in America to drive in, study finds

DETROIT- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its findings on the most dangerous and safest metropolitan cities to drive in, and Detroit topped the list as the worst for drivers.

 “From distracted drivers and treacherous road conditions to drunk drivers, anytime you get behind the wheel of a car, there’s a very real possibility of a fatal car accident occurring,” the findings said about the Motor City.

It looked for three criteria’s: the total number of driving fatalities, fatalities from driving under the influence, and fatalities from speeding. Then, all three figures were put together to determine a final score. 

Detroit didn’t score the absolute worst in each category, but it is the combined number that pushed the city into the overall worst category for dangerous driving. Here’s how it came out: 0.15%-third worst for driving fatalities, 0.017%-fourth worst for fatalities from driving under the influence, and 0.034%-third worst for fatalities involving speeding. 

Meaning it landed in the Top 5 for each of the three categories that was detrimental for ruling to be dangerous to drivers—one of the only cities in the entire country to do so. And there’s plenty of evidence to suggest so. This past summer, Detroit’s freeways were filled with drunk drivers, several of whom ended up driving the wrong way, resulting in tragic and fatal accidents.

The research found that the second worst city to drive in is Dallas, with No. 3 being Tucson, Arizona.

The study found that the three safest cities to drive in are New York, Boston, and Jersey City, New Jersey. 

While Detroit came in at No. 1, that was not bad enough to put the state of  Michigan in the Top 5 worst states to drive in. This may be in part due to recent legislative statewide efforts made to curb distracted driving.

Earlier this year Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a “Hands-Free Distracted Driving” law which would penalize drivers who are caught driving while using hand-held devices.

The first violation for such an offense would be a $100 fine. From there, the penalties grow.

A second violation would be $250 fine and/or 24 hours of community service. If a third violation occurs within a three-year period, the driver would be ordered by the court to complete a driver improvement course.

While Michigan was not named as one of the worst states to drive in, it continues to top the list for the highest insurance premiums, partially due to population density.

The research found that the most dangerous states overall to drive in tend to be more rural ones. Here is the list of the Top 5 most dangerous states;

Mississippi at 25.4 per 100,000 people. It has the lowest seatbelt use, and it is also the worst state for distracted driving.

Wyoming at 22. It is the top state for DUIs. 

Arkansas at 21.2. The state attributes the high number to rises in both speeding and DUIs. 

South Carolina at 20.7. Consumer Affairs cites South Carolina as having some of the worst roads

Montana at 19.6. The stats say 66% of driving fatalities involve drunk driving. in the U.S.

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